Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Water sports and surfer stuff
Shooting surfers and others playing on the water on a bright sunny day is a challenge as the contrast is so much higher than your media can record you run the risk of losing shadow details completely or blowing out your highlights. Shooting on a gray end of winter day solves the contrast issue...there is next to none, but you loose color saturation and your color shift blue. All an easy fix in the day of photoshop.

Shooting things out in the water are tough as you don't have the usual elements like trees or buildings to set up framing and provide visual cues to scale. You do get lines running about, converging or splitting that help you frame and come up with cues that the viewer uses to establish scale. Allowing waves to curl, bend on their own and wait for the right moment to snap the shutter is time consuming but it does make the difference in the final image....drama for the idea draws the viewer in and that is your reward. Of course, just watching the waves is a nice way to relax so the image can be the added bonus.

Enjoy the Venice Beach surfers and boogey boarders from earlier in the day today.

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