Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Icons and graffiti

Venice has this really cool area where local graffiti artists can paint to their hearts content on some short concrete walls and cones that remind me some how of the Moai from the Easter Islands.

The palm tree is one of the icons of California cultivated in tv and movies...you've seen it, palm tree lined streets, palm tree lined pools, palm tree lined beaches...you get the picture.

Add in some color and they change their character completely. At Venice today there is an area where even the trees weren't safe from the graffiti artists cans and they became more than an icon, they became art all onto their own right playing into the scene.

One thing that struck me while meandering about was this scene were an elderly woman was parked on the edge of the basketball courts under the palms. I can't tell you why the scene haunted me, but it did and I grabbed a shot of it too.

Without out further blather on my part...LA Icons, the palm trees

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