Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hiss clonk hiss clonk hiss clonk

The sound of the trusty old printers is slowly putting me to sleep. Getting maximum dpi on the trusty old inkjet takes for ever to get a lot of big prints done. But I am on the final print.

I open at the Monrovia Coffee Company on or about April 3 or 4th. This is an interesting venue to show case art for the members of the Monrovia Art Festival Association. Lots of foot traffic, a gracious host who doesn't charge us a dime to hang in her business. No gallery commissions either does it get better than that? Maybe but its the closest thing to nirvana I have had in a while. Tentative run date is April 5 through June 5, 2007. I'll post a note here when I am installed and the run dates.

In prepping this show I am keeping with the rule of 3's. 3 themed groups with 3 images in each. AM working with a floral group, an impressionist landscape group (this sorta boldly crosses more to digital art than straight photography) and a Monochromatic Color Spot group. Most of the images in the show are those I have blogged in the last month or so...that means a lot of really fresh stuff being hung.

The latter group is one I have been exploring for a while and most of the images were very well received (IE I blew them out the door) at the fall Celebrate the Arts in Monrovia. So I worked them a bit differently. I've even switched papers to a nice matte finish that tends to have a much nicer saturation with the dark tones as well as a cleaner finish in the highlights. Suits what I need for these images much better than traditional glossy paper or the watercolor papers I use.

Anyway "Henhouse Eggs" is the last to roll off the printer today!

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