Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Western 2/3 of USA. I. Own. It.

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Yeay baby...I get around.  check the geo tags on flickr as most will tell you where I've been over the most recent years since I joined in 2007.  Some prior I manually geotagged,  Dude, I do more than meander, I get around.

Sierra Madre Playhouse you're getting a lot of my time and talents

Its a reward and satisfaction thingy.  I enjoy putting my creative energies to use when I get reward and satisfaction out of it.  Or are the two the same thing?  Satisfaction is my Reward. could be but that requires an analyst to sort it all out.

Since joining the Board of Directors at the Sierra Madre Playhouse I like to think I have had a little impact.  Results are more immediate in some places than others.  The end result is I hope to reach the citizens of Sierra Madre and the San Gabriel Valley and let them witness the fun we are having, the most excellent productions and want to join in the fun.

We, the marketing committee had a brain storming session.  It started out with some grumbling that we aren't getting impact with our social media campaigns.   I pointed out we aren't using them at cross purposes and the MTV generation in particular loves visual/aural stimulation not just 140 characters in a twitter post.  I said we need to do more with the YouTube channel we have in place and do something often to keep it fresh and provide fodder for our Instagram, twitter and facebook accounts.

They listened, I with a DSLR that shoots HD video started shooting stuff.  Its too much fun putting it all together after we shoot.  I'm a noob and luckily Windows MovieMaker is a powerful tool thats stupid easy to use so I get quality results out the door.  Better yet, the Playhouse gets media to promote themselves and their productions at no cost other than some time.  Time well invested.

Do check in to the Sierra Madre Playhouse YouTube channel (And Mine).  Follow the Playhouse also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Follow me on Instagram....

Yes, I don't do as much here as I like. I'm actually considering ways I can reinvent this blog and focus it more on my creative endeavors in the arts in general rather than just my personal art.  Can it be done, yuppers, just need time to sit and do it.  Being the @frazgo brand means I'm always, food, the arts and time with the fam not much time left in a day.

Do follow me on Instagram. From the inane to profound to future posts on my various blogs I shoot a lot daily with my phone and instagram immediately.  Its a good clue to what you will see here next or on one of the many other blogs that encompass @frazgo.

Big shoots, big events, big anything that requires high res, high quality stuff is always on Flickr.  Its a great source for promoting my serious work.  It won't go away anytime soon.  And as I have a pro-account there, there will never, ever be ads to annoy you.

Lastly...I've ventured into exploring the options out there with video.  High quality stuff, not just from a flipcam.  My DSLR does HD video and I've been experimenting with it for stuff for the Sierra Madre Playhouse.  Follow my YouTube channel.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Who are you Oscar or Felix?

A little something I've been doing of late.   Video.  More precisely promo video stuff for the Sierra Madre Playhouse of which I'm on the board now.  Busy guy?  Mais oui.

So...subscribe to my YouTube channel...see all my cars ala "Blair Witch Project" and now higher quality stuff for the Playhouse.