Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Follow me on Instagram....

Yes, I don't do as much here as I like. I'm actually considering ways I can reinvent this blog and focus it more on my creative endeavors in the arts in general rather than just my personal art.  Can it be done, yuppers, just need time to sit and do it.  Being the @frazgo brand means I'm always, food, the arts and time with the fam not much time left in a day.

Do follow me on Instagram. From the inane to profound to future posts on my various blogs I shoot a lot daily with my phone and instagram immediately.  Its a good clue to what you will see here next or on one of the many other blogs that encompass @frazgo.

Big shoots, big events, big anything that requires high res, high quality stuff is always on Flickr.  Its a great source for promoting my serious work.  It won't go away anytime soon.  And as I have a pro-account there, there will never, ever be ads to annoy you.

Lastly...I've ventured into exploring the options out there with video.  High quality stuff, not just from a flipcam.  My DSLR does HD video and I've been experimenting with it for stuff for the Sierra Madre Playhouse.  Follow my YouTube channel.

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