Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wow Europe was incredible...

The travel gawds smiled upon us this last week in Europe...London was gorgeous and a warming trend started when we arrived. From the low 70's to nearly 80 by weeks end in Paris. All the spring bulb's were up and showing off their color...fields of daffodils, tulips all over the place. This visit only reaffirmed my view on London being one of the most charming and friendly cities. Paris certainly is a close second for this crazed American that can speak "tres un peu francais" and found no difficulties communicating with anyone.

HDR is fun, you can certainly do a lot with it in terms of presenting both "natural" and the "surreal". The couple I worked on today addressed the natural world, quite nicely I think in preserving details in the shadows. In the case of the "London Eye" it even does a nice job in keeping details in the cloudy sky. Saturation certainly wins across the spectrum in both.

Anyway jet lag is taking its toll and after downloading and sorting images I am too beat to do much more today.

Enjoy "Houses of Parliment" and "London Eye" for a teaser on the images done this last week while on "holiday"

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! My wife and I are taking a Mediterranean cruise in three weeks starting in Venice and ending in Monte Carlo then the bullet train to Paris before coming home. My francais est une (le?) tres un peu than yours but my accent's good so that may not get me sneered on so much.

Can't wait!

More pictures please!