Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower to the rest of the world)
The ultimate icon for Paris is "Tour Eiffel". Amazing in person. In daylight its cold gray steel pierces the skyline and visible from all over the city. With the coming of dusk it changes character. Slowly the incandescent spotlights on various levels uplight the tower bring on an incredible warm glow to the tower. Magically without any notice at that moment the sun drops below the horizon it begins to twinkle...eventually its a virtual explosion of brilliant white flashes all up and down the tower where it looks like a diamond blazing under spotlit jewelers loop. Totally amazing. Totally mesmerizing.

I have always loved night photography since the days I was doing the "dip and dunk" in my parents basement as a kid. Today I have HDR to help me along bringing in an incredible range of detail through out the image with no massive areas blacked out and void of detail or so burnt out they glowed.

I walked each evening just before dusk until sunset along the Siene from in front of my Hotel (Novatel Paris Tour Eiffel). I walked and shot essentially the length of "Quai du Grenelle" from the "Point de Grenelle" bridge where the other Statue of Liberty resides up to the Champs de Mars ReR station and the Bir-Hakeim bridge.

Enjoy this series of HDR images from "La Tour Eiffel" shot over 3 days and nights while in Paris. All are post processed with the help of the "virtual photographer" plug-in for Adobe's Photoshop suite and of course Photomatix

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