Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Artists are flakes...well most are

Bare Cupboards, Bodie CA

I can't say all my peers are flakes but enough are. To my delight one of my fellow artists flaked and forgot about the show tomorrow and is not going to show up. I got the call this morning asking if I had enough to fill one wall. YES!!!

Now I have a chance to expand on the Arrested Decay series I started in Bodie and the HDR stuff I have been running amouk with for a while. Following the path of greated curiosity is what keeps one going. Having a tub of stuff stored helps when you get the change to do a bigger show.

Here is the additional items I will be showing at the Focus One Gallery. Installation is tomorrow morning. The whole group will up until the end of the year. The entire collection can be viewed during their regular business hours. The list:

Bare Cupboard, Bodie, Digital Photography

Silent Crib, Digital Photography

Colonial Oven, Digital Watercolor Photography

Old Faithful, HDR Photography

Siene Sunset, HDR Photography

Chapel of St John the Evangelist, Tower of London, HDR Photography

Tromp L'oiel Aeroplane, HDR Photography

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