Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's Good to be Blown

Alexandra Rose

Pat Austin

Midas Touch

Now that I have your attention, Blown is what happens to a rose on its way to being spent. Roses go through their own life cycle that is interesting to watch. Sometime after peak blossom they become blown, still have their petals but are all lose and flowing instead of tightly wound around the stamen that it coyly hid at the beginning of the cycle.

Avoiding real work this morning I spotted a few of my roses that begged to be shot. It was a combination of early morning light which is very warm in tone and very contrasty as the rays come in low and skim across the edges. The contrasty light helps emphasize the saturated color in the shadows. Pat Austin and Midas touch were shot to take advantage of the contrasty nature of this type of light.

Alexandra Rose was shot in different lighting. It was shot in what is termed "open shade" or clear skies above with the subject in the deep shadows. In this case the rose is in the deep shadow of the north side of my house. This light is very soft and diffuse which helps bring subtle details in what would normally be very dark on the petals. The contrast in the image comes from the nearly black foliage and ground behind the rose. This contrast frames the rose yet allows subtle shading and details in the petals.

Thank gawd for the PC and photoshop. When you shoot in open shade there is a bluish cast brought about from the light reflected from the blue sky above. Digital at least does some color correction while it is being stored so the removal of the cast is not as difficult as with silver based films. Certainly is easier to take advantage of this situation and correct with the PC than the old days in your darkroom.

Enjoy, each of these will be with me at the Celebrate the Arts sponsored by the Monrovia Art Festival Association this weekend in Library Park.

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