Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Show prep...the reason for the extended silence! This is the time of year for the big crunch getting ready for the big Celebrate the Art's here in Monrovia's Library Park. Between printing, matting and helping to organize the show there has been precious little time for the good stuff...like going out and shooting.

Come see me! Come see the great art in the park, even take in all the goodies at the Festival which runs this weekend, October 6 & 7 in our Library Park located at the north end of Old Town Monrovia. This is a "Fine Art Event" so plan on seeing some really nice original art as well as talk with the artist direct.

This show is going to be one of the better in terms of the talent presented. Many of my favorites like Luke and Ginger Van Hook and Connie Towns are returning to the festival this year. Visit them in their "living room" set up at the north end of the park. We also have some really exciting new artists showing with us. One is pointillist Barbara J Carter, another is painter and author Rhonda Lynn.

Just in case you forgot, the Monrovia Art Festival Association is a non-profit organization based here in Monrovia that is dedicated to bringing art to the community as well as art education.

See you this weekend, and pardon the silence!

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