Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Getting ready to hang again

Edgware Road Station, HDR Photography London 2007

It's been busy here in the space behind the garage. I'm going to be showing for the next 2 months at the Focus One Gallery here in Monrovia. The gallery is a very huge, nicely lit lobby whose space is donated to the Monrovia Art Festival artists by the Focus One Credit Union to show their work. The gallery is curated by Ken Hornbrook, vice-president of MAFA.

This show I'll be focusing more specifically on digital art with the majority on HDR and the potential it has for expanding our view of the world. My HDR work tends to run on two major themes, first is ultra real and the second into the surreal.

The pieces I'll be hanging until the end of the year:

Dead Caddy, HDR Photography
Not James Dean, HDR Photography
Monrovia Rail Station, HDR Photography
Edgware Road Station, HDR Photography
Shamrock Gas, HDR Photography
La Tour Eiffel from Pont de Grenelle, HDR Photography
Hen House Eggs, Digital Photography
Final Game Racked, Digital Photography


Patrizzi Intergarlictica said...

Is that the real thing?

frazgo said...

Yes Ms H, it's the real deal, taken from out hotel window in April. I shot it 3 frames at different exposures then blended it all back together tweaking here and there to keep details then pushed it into the surreal by allowing halo's and such.

It must work as I stopped you in your tracks for a second.