Friday, October 19, 2007

I love autumn.
Even in So Cal we get fall color, not always dramatic but its all warm and fuzzy as the sun is lower on the horizon. Nice trade off.

Took a very short walk before I got detoured by a new business owner in Old Town Monrovia. (It was meant to be a long walk around shooting, but never could turn down great conversation so that is how my day went).

I really have the bug to be shooting again. Today it was just not destined to happen.
Anyway enjoy these images shot in one tiny spot in Old Town. Lots of color, character and arrested decay. Its the alley's that are more entertaining sometimes.
All shot bracketed 2 stops each side from base, used Photomatix to create the HDR File then used their tonemapping for the final work. After that I converted to 8 bit and virtual photographer for the final finesse.

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