Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What should I call it?

I see people using old school photography, you know the kind that uses real film, referring to it two different ways. One is silver based, another calls it analog.

With my reborn interest in doing film and scanning negatives I do need to come to a decision. What say you in the great debate on giving it a name, should I refer to it as "silver based", which it is or "analog" which isn't technically correct and more appropriately applied to old school TV and record recording which took information and converted it to a wave form that an appliance would covert back into visual or audio stimuli for the old nervous system. What say you in this great debate?

Today's image really underscores my Ansel Adam phase which shall be reborn shortly with negatives I scan. This is from an original negative that is well preserved from its original shooting date, dare I admit it was nearly 30 years ago? I love the detail from the shadows to the clearing sky...shot it zone system and developed for the shadows if notes serve correctly. Great testament to the longevity of the old silver based films from back in the day.

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