Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So maybe hell froze over?

I knew that digital photo has taken over to the point it killed off my beloved Kodachrome and I even took partial blame.

But I never would have dreamed that it has nearly killed off the Black and White darkroom. But it has, hell has nearly frozen over as it is next impossible find Black and White chemicals in LA. None exist in the SGV area where I live and only a couple remain in LA proper. I'd ask "wahappened" but I already know. Sheesh just as I'm about to return to film it becomes hard to do so.

Pic is of my first car, crusted in ice after a winter storm. Thank gawd above Sunny LA has never frozen over like that or I'd need to find a warmer place to winter. (This was scanned from a negative from back in the day and now serves as me desktop to remind me why I hate winter).

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