Monday, March 14, 2011

Adobe can only do so much...

Playing around with Adobe's photoshop CS5 again for a bit this morning. Playing=experimentation in my book.

Similar to yesterdays selective coloring, I did the same today. I worked on adding selective color to change the mood and feel of a scanned black and white negative. I worked with the "paintbrush" tool that adds color and blends in the existing details together. Not quite what I want, I really miss the old spray can tool that applied color over the image without muddying in the existing image. In the end when you use the blending tool you do get some of the details back so all is not completely lost, but I'd still rather not have that mushing up of details with the color chosen so you get a little more purity of color.

Of course all of this will be very moot in the next few days when I go retro silver and start using real negatives for my exploration in added color.

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