Monday, November 05, 2007

ICME (It Caught My Eye)...arrested decay in living color

Whilst walking about just shooting these two caught my eye the other day. The first struck me funny when I realized that that long closed burger stand had a chair with one leg missing, just sitting there for who knows how many months at this point. To be truthful its on that funny little stretch of Monrovia that everyone zooms by on the way into the Target complex in Duarte. Most people don't even realize its Monrovia. I suspect since its wide open and not developed its time as a wide open green space is limited.

The other bit that struck me funny was the effort to cover up taggers handy work by simply painting over it. They must be buying left overs from the local Home Depot as the colors are all different. There are actually several spots in town with this impromptu patchwork painting in progress. It's that unplanned Urban Art that amuses.


Anonymous said...

The idea in the second photo is sort of beautiful -- it looks the beginning of modern looking quilt. I like this approach to tagging.

Unknown said...

Good timing with the burger stand. Drove by yesterday and it's being demolished.