Thursday, November 22, 2007

HDR Humans

I've touched on it a bit in prior posts regarding how HDR generating programs attempt to handle moving objects while trying to match up pixels and align stationary items. In short you get very interesting bits of people and the more they move the more the registration starts creating ghosts. I like the abstract and impressionistic results. I'm still only exploring the the possibilities but I like what I am getting.
Sports in particular I am going to have to get the discipline of using a tripod. Even as brightly lit the interiors seem to be you still have some very long shutter speeds to deal with. Camera movement is a variable I want to control or eliminate while I explore the potential of just the subject moving. Once I get a handle on that I can go to starting to blur the back grounds too.
Anyway the results of a recent Basketball tournament show 3 frames bracketed (some of the +2 exposures were nearly 1/10-1/20th second). Photomatix was used for both the HDR file generation and tonemapping. Adobe CS2 handled the post processing corrections with the Virtual Photographer doing the final finesse.

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