Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bring on the Clash...London Calling

Its been an amazing summer. First inspiration for new images while on road trips with a thick layer of ego frosting in the form of gallery recognition. OK, I'm still a starving artist, but at least I'm gaining some notoriety lately. I had sitting in my "spam folder" of all invitation from a gallery in London asking me to post 8 images on their website in an artists gallery. Its a juried invitation and how they found me and my website, who knows but thank god someone sees it!

So...after much debating with me, myself and id, I posted my 8 images at Saatchi. Enjoy. Who knows who will see them, what they'll do with them or for me, but at least its recognition. You can see me there at:

Where will I go with all of this? Who knows I have many paths to meander and the only you can count on is I will take the one of greatest curiosity. I have a whole series of things I want to do in the Aztec Hotel in black and white as impressionist paintings to deconstruct and reassemble.

And on the topic of deconstruction and reassembly...Poppy Road taken out at the California Poppy Preserve in Lancaster spring of 2005.

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