Friday, September 01, 2006

Inspiration and motivation

Through an old college friend, Ruth Waytz, I have met an incredible artist. It's her husband "Coop". His work is very illustrative in nature with a really erotic edge. Nice guy, totally unassuming who is quite the guru of pop culture past and present. (Read Coop's Blog, Positive Ape Index to see what he's about in greater detail)

How does this inspire or motivate? As a newer artist it is frustrating to forge your way among critics and not see results as fast as you like. Coop is proof that if you remain honest to your art and continually try to explore new ways of communicating what you see you will find an audience. I need that focus as us newbies need something to keep us going until our art finds its followers.

The unashamed commercial plug.....Coop has a new show "Brand Recognition" at Sixspace Gallery running 9/9 - 10/7. Sixspace is located at 5803 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA. (The entrance is at the rear of the building...guess that's an important tidbit to know). So go see his show and be totally amazed!!!

Coop got a terrific write up in the alternative magazine that hit the racks here in LA this last week....pic of it included here. He made the cover!!!! May not be the cover of the Rolling Stones but close enough as its on street corners all over LA right now...and its free!

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