Friday, September 15, 2006

Restoring History

The original intent of photography was to preserve the world as it was, things happened, mainly artists got a hold of the tool and it began to record much more. The advent of the PC and digital imaging has opened a whole new world for recording and then retelling what you saw.

In Monrovia we have many unique spots with bits and pieces of history that are being restored and preserved. I'm lucky to have met Kathy Reece-McNeill who owns and is restoring the Aztec Hotel here to is former glory. With the help of the Route 66 Preservation groups I am certain she will succeed. I am equally lucky that she has allowed me to begin to photograph and record this treasure left from Route 66 and preserve is memory and focus on its future too.

Today I spent some time around the Aztec shoot it. Its a magnificent space to just be in. Honestly it is such a treasure I feel almost like a voyeur walking in at some great old grand dame's bath time. I really want to do the place justice and convey a bit of the history and character of the place.

With this in mind I continue to explore and develop my impressionistic views of the world and how I convey them to you. This image started as always with a digital image that with the help of Photoshop and Paintshop ProI destructed it and reconstructed it into a new image. I like it, the angle is right the details kept and those blurred gave the sense of history and warmth I wanted.

Enjoy..."Aztec Front Marquee".

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66 Productions said...

I posted a shot on my blog a few days ago (Monday, to be exact), too, about the Aztec. This is definitely a favorite of mine, and should be considered a favorite of Route 66'ers from around the world. Kathie is doing an EXCELLENT job!