Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Been a busy and terrific week

Like I said a few days ago the best validation of your work striking a cord is when you are invited to show at a gallery or online gallery. An unusual chain of events starting in July ended with an invitation to set up a "studio" (guess that would be an electronic studio???) with a new group calling them selves

On there I have a variety new images, several you have seen here of the last few months grouped by theme. Each theme of course is nice group of images that follow one of the many paths I have explored in over the last couple of years. The end result is some work I am very proud of.

I still need to update my own web site and decide what direction I'll go with it. One project at a time. Having finally finished cataloging and doing "stuff" with the image back log I have had from the last few roadtrips I need to take a break.

One image not showing on the site is from last year I shot while up in the Loomis area, enjoy "Plums" ~ now go out and get your other fruits and vegies for the day!

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