Monday, August 14, 2006

Cross eyed and tired

But...wahooo I finished sorting, cataloging and working on the images from my Colorado trip.

I swear I must have Adult ADHD given how long it took me to get through these pictures and get them all done. The number of directions I went with the images tells me I am either unfocused or have to much energy to corral. You tell me.

Anyway, the Black and White stuff has gotten the most energy devoted to it the last day or so.
These 2 images are from the Fryer Hill area north of Leadville Colorado. Its a pretty easy to get to location...with a car even as the majority is paved or hard pack gravel.

Enjoy the latest two images.....


KA-8 said...

Hi there, i was reading one of your blogs where you said you had grandma with nickname Jasovec. Why i found this intresting? I try to find and document all persons with nickname Jasovec (basicaly Jašovec but š (sh) is lost in most anglophone countries) and their history becouse i have nickname Jasovec too and is very rare nickname only 23 persons with nickname jasovec in Slovenia and very few in USA and Canada. Basicaly this nickname origin comes from one farm family in Slovenia so it is very unlikely that your grandma isnt of Slovene ancestry, except if in USA somebody would »create his own nickname« Any info you can give me about this line of your ancestors (they are ancestors right?) will be appreciated. Also i wonder if there are any people with nickname jasovec's left in Ely or anywhere in Minnesota?

frazgo said...

Aleksander I wish you had left an email would love to converse with you. My grandfather Jasovec was born in Slovenia, my mother visited the farm area where he came from based on old church records. The "last name" is spelled exactly as it is on his passport, which we still have. He passed away in 1974. Write me at for more information.