Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well its the F64 group getting the nod today. I really enjoy B&W. Its the starkness of it all that leaves the view to really focus on the light vs shadow and interplay of objects.

I spent my morning along a short stretch of the San Gabriel River today. I really enjoy my walks through there. Hard to believe it is minutes from a couple of the busiest freeways in So Cal as all you hear are the ducks and other critters going about their business. Other than the odd whiff of hops cooking (Miller Brewing is very close) and a view of the brown blanket that can wrap the valley its really a nice place.

I continue to explore the relationships of objects in the grander scheme of their setting. Today I spent a lot of time hiking (wading?) along the edges of the short dams meant to slow the flow of the river to the ocean. What happens is that during really heavy rain boulders get scoured free and they rearrange themselves. In the end nature prevails and the boulders are dropped in a new home creating a new landscape.

We had such a late winter rainy season that many of the spring flowers are just starting to peak in their blooming. Being a child of the ozarks and plains states cactus and succulents still amaze me. When they bloom its a startling contrast of cool gray blue sharp edges and points puncuated with really vibrant color on the soft flowing blossoms. Something I keep shooting as it just amazes me. More on those as spring time along the river progresses.

San Gabriel River Rapids

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