Sunday, May 21, 2006

Its one of those days where you just want to nap but there's this urge to do something creative. Eventually it over powers your urge to nap. Either that or its avoiding that stack of weeds in need of pulling. Today I sat down with full intention to go through my back log of images and get the black and white gallery updated. Fortunately procrastination once again game to the rescue on all levels and I went exploring down the secessionist path and deconstructed some images.

I spent a day recently on the Queen Mary. The one in Long Beach men, not the one in Studio City. Its an interesting old ship and a venue that makes it easy to find images you normally don't see. (If you regularily crawl around deep in the bowels of an old luxury liner it may not be so abnormal - if you do we need to talk).

Its a place that has some really interesting spots to explore. Aside from Haunted room B340 there is a lot of really cool 1930's art deco details and industrial type settings. All of which are interesting to look at and photograph.

Today was a lot of sorting and cataloging images. I probably would have gotten through it faster if I hadn't spotted a few that I immediately wanted to do something with. I did get one I really liked on the watercolor paper. The image I attached is only a rough estimation of what the final print looked like. When I print on watercolor paper its not that wimpy inkjet stuff, its the real deal....archival quality, acid free stock that is run through the old HP soaking wet. (I doubt HP thought it would work but am certain it falls under their "abuse" terms in their warranty disclaimers).

Today was one of those days where I really was biased towards the painterly deconstruction and reassembly of images. Enjoy....

"B deck Detail"

"Inside Cargo Hold, Watercolor"

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