Monday, May 15, 2006

welcome to my first "professional" blog. here i will explore my thoughts on what interests me at the moment that I am exploring artistically. it will be an interesting ride as my mind meanders about always thinking and looking for ways to communicate to others how i see the world. i see the world differently than others, i know it and have only in recent years followed those meanders.

the best and most terrifying thing i have ever faced was leaving the corporate world and striking out on my own. timing was right on cue with my mid-life crisis years. after i got through with the gear head phase by restoring a '72 centurion and bolting some balls to back i decided it was time to take mine out of hiding and strike out on my own for a change. this lead me to return to nurturing my own passions. after a brief stint at painting i went back to my first passion - photography.

i am trained classically as a commercial photographer, even hold a degree in it from southern illinois university at carbondale. after dabbling with digital and seeing the amazing things i could do without a darkroom i made the big dive into total digital 12/04. since then i have had more fun with a camera than i thought possible.

i am truly blessed with an incredible family and circle of friends that encourage and support me. they also give me the needed kick in the ass to keep me grounded and moving forwards. enough of the mental aperient (temple of mental onanism???). read, enjoy, tell me I'm crazy, tell me you hate it (and why you do) or you like it.

one of the paths i've been following this last year is relationships between real/unreal, manmade/nature, unnatural/natural. also in the mix is the relationships between reality and the imagined. out of the latter came reality bubbles. "beach bubble" and "gorman road" are among the earlier examples

life is about exploring. art is about telling the world what you found.

chose art to match your soul not the sofa

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