Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Meis van der Rohe said "God is in the details" (My contractor says the devil is in the details so you decide for yourself). Its those little details that stop me in my tracks as I meander about with my trusty camera in hand.

I scored a copy of PhotoshopCS and am amazed at the details I can control with my images. I've only begun to scratch the surface but wow. You can really work out the details with this progam. Its much easier to color correct with this than anything I have seen in recent memory.

Back in the day of the darkroom you could spend hours printing a picture, color correcting, rerunning through the chemistry and back again until you got it right. Ugh...I can remember days where I worked on a single image. Now its a click on the suspect color dragging a bar about and voila its all in balance. (I could spend hours on the theory of the color of light...suffice it to say it ain't gonna happen here today). Short version is that things in the shadows pick up a "blue" tint from the sky above and it can be a bugger to clean up. Your minds eye removes that tint...a camera and film don't.

I spotted recently on my walk these incredibly brilliant flowers. Closer inspection revealed that there was a snail napping in one of the blossoms. Its those details that catch my eye all the time and I grabbed a few pictures. Even though they were in the shade I got it all color corrected. (Bet you didn't think I'd tie all these randmon thoughts together did you) Enjoy the final result.....

"napping snail"

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Yayasister said...

And so it goes.. I love the photo of the napping snail. You are really doing some very interesting things. Congrats on having your photo chosen for the station.