Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunsets and HDR, too good to be true in controlling demons.
"Amber Waves" Sheridan, WY

"Under the Thunderhead" Sheridan, WY

"Just Before Sunset" Sheridan, WY

"Gathering Storm", Sheridan, WY

I got a rare treat, well rare for this California guy, while in Wyoming over the July 4th Holiday. We have 3 kinds of sky in the summer, "June Gloom" or overcast grey, Blue or Brown. To get to see clouds in the sky at sunset is a treat, to watch thunderstorms growing is an even bigger treat. So the evening of July 4th after dinner and waiting for dark to arrive for fireworks I grabbed the trusty camera and went shooting the storm building to the west over the Big Horn Mountains. Very cool watching the grey build and have the sun sneak below and send shimmering golden rays across the valley floor. Swatting the flies and mosquitoes wasn't fun but it too is part of being in the country.

I shot all four images with an ultra wide angle lens to capture as much of the sky as possible, to exaggerate the immenseness of the sky. The low sun added the drama. I shot 3 exposures knowing I'd use HDR to bring back the detail in the shadows and the ultra bright highlights created by the sun. After that its tonemapping with Photomatix and then cleaned up with PhotoshopCS2 and the Virtual Photographer plug in. End result sunset landscapes with details in the sky and shadows controlling those demons is so much easier when you can use HDR to real them in.

Not exactly an impressionist paint, not exactly pure photographs, but pleased with the results. Enjoy!


Will Campbell said...

Holy smokes, Fraz! That's eye-poppingly gorgeous stuff!

frazgo said...