Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's Old Timey Postcard Time
"Sour Lake"
"Old Faithful"
"Dragons Mouth"
"Old Faithful Wide View"
Working with HDR is fun. In a way the 3 RAW files needed to produce the HDR File for tonemapping isn't that much different than the way the early Kodachromes were deconstructed into color separations and reassembled for printing in magazines. The National Geographic was the first of the publications to use this technology to bring to us all the world had to offer in beautiful saturated color.
With the opening of Route 66 and the increased automobile ownership lead to the roadtrip family vacation. How else better to share with those left behind the amazing things you saw and tell them about your trip than to drop them a postcard.
Early postcards had wonderfully overly exaggerated colors and saturation. Today's project was to take HDR generated files, tonemap them to exaggerate things, then took it a step further with virtual photographer. So here you go, 4 examples or variations on the postcard theme.

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