Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stark realism....HDR keeps the details clean
"Cody Sunset", Cody, Wyoming
"Fallen Soldiers" Big Horn County, Montana
"Custer National Cemetery" Big Horn County, Montana
Here we go shots taken at the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument and Custer National Cemetery. Pretty impressive, Col Custer sure had an ego and overestimated his own abilities which lead to the massacre by the Indians who were trying to protect their freedoms on their own land. (Not trying to be political here, but for the Indians from the Lakota and Cheyenne tribes this was an attempt to preserve their way of life outside the reservation system). More info can be gathered also from the official National Park System here.
And with that note...on July 5th we left Little Big Horn and ended the day in Cody in time to watch a storm develop over Yellowstone as the sunset.
All of these were shot with an ultrawide angle lens, bracketed with HDR in mind. The RAW files were combined into HDR files with the aid of Photomatix and adjusted with the Tonemapping plug in for CS2. The final images were created with the aid of Virtual Photographer.

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