Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Late afternoon shadows add drama....
"Campers and Clouds", Laramie, WY

"Dead Caddy", Beaver, Utah
"Country Living Estates", Beaver Utah

The long shadows, warm highlights and cool shadows of later afternoon and evening sun add their own drama to a scene. The shadows and highlights quickly get out of range for what your recording media can handle, whether it be digital or analog aka silver based.

Those of us venturing into the digital realm have a nifty tool that I've blathered on here quite a bit to help tame the demons of shadow and highlight detail. High Dynamic Range photography is the tool, a bit time consuming on the post processing end but with the range of tools available you can produce some really nice results. Today I stayed with the realists when working on this set of images. All of these were post processed from their raw state with Photomatix into HDR files that were then fine tuned in Photoshop CS2 and Virtual Photographer.

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