Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Playing Hooky and So Cal is a good place to do it...

It was one of those days, overcast "June Gloom" early for the season and I needed sunshine. Luckily a very few minutes away is the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles Crest and Angeles Forest Highways. The mountains trap in the clouds when we have on "onshore flow" or winds blowing off the ocean into the basin leaving us foggy or cloudy depending where we are.

Rather than the usual tasks I played hooky this morning. Dropped my favorite 80's mix CD in place as there is no radio in the mountains and off I went. Simple route with stops to shoot. Up the 2 to the Mountains, a quick left onto the Angeles Forest towards Palmdale, across the bridge and right after the Mediation Temple you make a right onto Upper Big Tujunga and a right onto Angeles Crest and a few short miles on that you are back in the city. There were lots of detours, some places I haven't found the names yet googling, others such as Alder Creek Canyon can't be missed. Of course fun old tunes make zipping through the corners and the uphill swoops even more fun...its all in the rhythm.

Anyway, shot it all in HDR, post processed with Adobe's Photoshop CS2 and the Virtual Photographer. Great tools to capture one of my most favorite places to roam! Hope you enjoyed them.

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