Saturday, May 12, 2007

I bought Art....
Yeah, I know its a fine line between collecting and stalking. A friend of mine here at MAFA is also an incredible painter. Rick Kess has worked for disney studios as an illustrator for years, and more recently as a modeler for other film companies. Great guy. Great wit. Please forgive the crappy camera phone photo, but you get the gist of it all...tiki, olives and martini's total ode to the 1960's cocktail hour!
Anyway...after a few glasses of a really nice siraz my check book was adequately loosened, as was my better half, and I partook in the auction with the Monrovia Art Festival Association.
I am now a proud owner of a totally classic and witt Rick Kess Original...not a giclee'...but the honest to gawd original. The painting is roughly 18 X 24, acrylic on canvas and titled "Courrier and Olives". It will grace my studio walls 10 months out of the year...the other 2 it will grace my mantle. I think it is even cooler than "Last Supper" which I still lust over.
Now if I can scrape together the cash for a Coop original I'd be in total heaven, not that his significant other Rutz (and college buddy) hasn't already fixed me up with a few goodies already over the years, I may just be complete.
That said, the MAFA "Acknowledge the Arts" was a roaring success and certainly raised some funds to help the group further art education and appreciation in the community.
By the Way..did I tell you I am the "featured artist" for the July 28th Art Walk in Monrovia this year. Details to follow as I find out what it all entails.

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