Monday, May 07, 2007

Too nice to be real

While many panic at the thought of us having a "red flag" as it means high fire danger and if you are in a designated neighborhood parking is restricted so that emergency crews can get in to put out fires.

For me it means I get a beautiful warm day. Today is such a day....nice breeze, brilliant sun and its now debate time whether I should do my gardening or go up somewhere and shoot. Stay tuned, if I get out shooting I'll get the results posted later today.

It's been busy around here. I debuted my "Abandoned Church, Paris" at the Paint-n-Play Gallery reception on Friday night. Nicely received...but that doesn't always translate into a sale. Will have to watch, wait and see what happens.

Don't forget that this Saturday is the Monrovia Art Festival Association's "Acknowledge the Arts" event at the local tennis club. I blogged it a few weeks ago....

Enjoy the flags this morning at the gas station...all nicely back lit against a crisp sky....I'll be outside one way or another today to enjoy it! Took it with my Che-ez Snap while filling up this morning.

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