Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring Color Explosion continues...
Love my roses, especially the first flush of the year. The cold, below freezing week in January has made my garden the most colorful and prolific that is has been in years. My favs still are the English Roses as they have the most incredible old rose scents. Hybrid Teas are just a pain in the butt and the breeding to get them to be so colorful and repeat blooming has cause them to all but lose their scent. Not a good trait to lose in my book! Anyway...enjoy the few I shot this morning!
Shropshire Lass...a David Austin English Rose...blooms only once, beautiful single that reminds of the wild roses in the great lakes states when I was a kid:

Graham Thomas, another Austin English Rose, I really like those deep yellows more than any other color. Don't know why, I just do!

Midas Touch, one of the few Hybrid Teas I have in the garden....chose it because it's yellow. The unfortunate part is that like so many other hybrid teas it has little fragrance.

Double Delight..the other hybrid tea in my garden, chose because of the color draw back is that it has very little fragrance.

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I love this collection of shots.