Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I could not resist it.  For the New Year am feeling kinda impish verging on prankster and then I stumbled across an old book mark to make this sign.  Pretty cool...your own alteration of the Hollywood sign without going to jail for vandalism.  Make your own HERE.

I have less than 2 days until I install for a 3 month show at the Focus One Gallery here in outer monrovia.  Part of me wants to be really daring and put up a few pieces of the "Atomic Flash" series I yammered about a while back.  Another part says play it safe.  Maybe I can knock out the mimosa funk from this morning and make up my mind once and for all.

Stay tuned for my decision very soon.

BTW...HAPPY 2009!

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Cafe Observer said...

btw fm: Happiest Economic New year 2 U 2!!