Sunday, January 11, 2009

A happy accident: the unintended results from an intentional act that work

Every now and then something happens that shouldn't.  Something that you could not have done if you had tried.

This image is a couple of accidents in sequence that I wish I knew how it happened.  Briefly I accidently clicked on one image from a series of 3 exposures.  The "wrong" image was of an entirely different subject matter.  Photomatix doesn't allow out of sequence images to be opened and blended to create an HDR file.  When you use something out of sequence you get an error message from the program advising you that all images not the same or different enough in exposure and you have to reload the files you want to use.  It stops you dead in your tracks.

Here it had not only an out of exposure sequence image, but one not even part of the xif tagged sequence yet photomatix accepted it and blended the 3.

When the HDR image file opened imagine my surprise.  I haven't had that happen since back in the day when I would sandwich slide fill and print it on cibachrome, or purposely double expose an image before advancing the film.  Here I did it and can't duplicate it!

Anyway I took the file, tone mapped it and ran it through virtual photographer.  Now if I knew how to duplicate this I would as I really do like the results.  

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oh that's really neat.