Wednesday, October 01, 2008

woooot over 100K views on flickr!

My flickr accounts does get a lot of daily activity.  Sometimes huge spikes after something fun like a day in the Bullitt will cause a big spike when the raw images are posted.  I have not a single answer to what it all means, but consistently over 200 views a day I know someone is paying attention to what I am up to.   Looking at the numbers the media event images tend to get more hits.  Oddly so does the pics of my MRI films of my knee from a while back. Go figure.

The more important number to look at is the views and favorited items in my arty sets.  It is silent feedback on what works for viewers.  To that end I know if I am striking a cord somewhere and use that info to help me determine what images get a simple matting and others go the whole 9 yards and framed for shows.

The danger is in letting stats interfere with meandering down artistic paths to explore.  So far it hasn't discouraged me from exploring anything, but strengthened the resolve to explore what interests me.  I guess being a statistician has its merits even though it is dangerously close to cube dwelling activities.  

Regardless you can follow my daily photo-blogging, raw image samplings and final works on my Flickr.

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