Thursday, October 23, 2008

I found my cool place

I almost missed my anniversary.  Not the big one, but an important one to me none the less.

October 15, 1985 I loaded my stuff into my car left Phoenix for LA.  It was an adventure, the need to find a cool place and Phoenix certainly was not it for me.  One of my best friends moved to LA right after we graduated from college.  Our visits in LA were always a lot more fun than when she came to visit me in Phx or LV.  When the job stagnated it was clear it was time to make the jump.  I needed a cool place and LA was it.

23 years later I sit back and think, wow what a journey it has been.  LA is the kind of city you need an entire life time to explore and you will still be missing something.  I didn't think at the time I'd be here this long, flash forward and I still am living the adventure.  That is the reality of LA that makes it so different.  IT is vibrant, alive and always something new starting here to explore.  That is the reason I won't be leaving LA , yes folks you are stuck with me a bit longer.

I'm in a nostalgic mood tonight.  It started with hearing an 80's song and digging through the old cd's.  This one reminded me of those long drives at night between here in where ever I lived as it was one of the tapes I always popped in to make the miles fly by (and with an enforced 55 limit you needed all the help you can get).

I saw Sparks a few times after I moved here.  They were quite the deal back then, guess they still are since they showed up on youtube.  Enjoy. I certainly enjoyed the memory jog and marvelling that I am in LA, my "cool place" still after all these years.


Cafe Observer said...

Before you finish your meandering in "LA", let me be de 1st, or last, 2 welcome u to Southern Cal. Although I admit 2 prayin 4 were less people around here.

I kinda miss the olde days when we k9's were the majority in these parts. There are plenty I woudn't mind sendin back over their many borders & oceans. Yeah, I'm a rarity in these parts - a true So Cal native.

Back in your time of departure, way back in the last century, probably the big music thing happening was Springsteen & Born in The USA. I wunder what became of him. Is he still alive?

Anyway, I hope you have found de place you can call home.

frazgo said...

Thanks Cafe, and let me tell you I'm not going anywhere. Actually my wife is a native (born at Queen of Angels which is gone now) and all my kids were born at Kaiser in Woodland Hills. I'm well rooted here now. LA is my home though the physical address is here in outer monrovia these days.

Springsteen is still around, was on concert just a couple of years ago. It was in the tape deck for the drive here too, but Sparks was the LA draw for me. My friend Ruth666 was in weho at the time and we had a lot of fun on Sunset back in the day, Sparks was one we saw a couple of times.

Thanks for being the first comment an the anniversary, thanks.