Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm baaaack....

A couple of weeks ago Darleene Powells of Darleeneisms blog fame dropped me a note on facebook about the AAJA Trivia Bowl that was this Friday night a couple of weeks ago.  I posted  the details on the super secret metblogs Author's Forums to see if there was interest.  There was.  As I was busy with show prep jozjozjoz took care of getting things rolling for a team LA Metblogs.  Lucinda Michele Knapp our every faithful metblogs block captain for LA took over for Lucinda and voila we had a team.  

3 didn't make it but we still forged on.  End result, this motley group of first timers at the AAJA Triva Bowl came in #16, and what killed us was not knowing a single one of the 10 sport questions raised in the final round.  Not bad, we didn't get the coveted Rice Bowl (not kidding that is what they named the trophy), but at least we didn't get the bottom feeders "Box-o-Ramen".

I think we may do this again next year.

Now...I won't ID the metblog team, you figure them out for yourselves.  Photo is by Seth Dowling one of our team members who offered to grabbed the pic for us.

So this ends the silence of the last week.  I had to take the break as the Celebrate the Arts event just drained me.  Too pooped to photo or blog.  Sad state of affairs indeed.

To give you an idea what it was like check out the clip that Will Campbell grabbed from Ed Padgett.

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