Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Route 66 Art Gallery Grand Opening this weekend

The Aztec Hotel and MAFA have a new joint venture going. This is going to be a gallery that doesn't have white walls. It will be a gallery without a stuffy 'tude. It will be a gallery with a huge reference library on art for anyone one that wants to take some time to learn art history, art technique or just sit and ponder what an artist is capable of. Of course, it will all be available for purchase should you find the piece that strikes a cord deep within your soul.

The Route 66 Gallery can't be missed. It is right at the corner of Foothill Blvd and N. Magnolia in the historic Aztec Hotel here in Monrovia.
From the official press release:
All MAFA members are invited to attend the Grand Opening of our latest Art Gallery, Route 66 Gallery located at 301 West Foothill Blvd on Saturday July 12th from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. Our first exhibition will be “California in Bloom.” In addition to oils and watercolors, our display will also include photographs, sculptures and ceramics.

Light refreshments will be served, accompanied by live entertainment
I'll have several old favorites and new images at the show. Among them is "English Rose Bud" which was taken in my garden. It is the English Rose "Pat Austin". I shot it RAW, then worked it in the orton style while keeping some detail within the image. When done I ran it through Virtual Photographer giving it at bit more contrast and saturation like one would find on a Cibachrome print. (I still refuse to call it ilfochrome which is the name given after purchase by the ilford people). The final image is 8X12 matted and framed ready to go to a nice home!

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