Tuesday, July 01, 2008

One more Orton Rose and then off to sleep

One more print done in the Orton style. I'm debating whether I should include in the series or not at the Route 66 Gallery in the Aztec Hotel on 7/12. I like it a lot, the debate remains whether to include or not as it isn't as brilliant as some of the other floral Ortons I have done. It does have the deep saturated color that I like about this look.

To produce I lightened the original file by 10 points in the brightness adjustment tab. Then I did a duplicate original and worked on the duplicate after closing the original. I then duplicated the layer as a background copy. I lightened it another 10 points, then used a gaussian blur at 20 pixels. I used multiply to blend the layers. Setting the opacity at 75% to have a bit more sharpness. The image as then flattened.

The next step was to open up Virtual Photographer and increased the depth of the mid tones and brought the darks up, warmed it up 20%. In the final group of tabs I used "saturation" in the style drop down and used a 200ASA Grain filter. Voila...a kodachromey rosebud in the shadows at dawn.

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