Monday, June 11, 2007

Pointillists for piece

Back to the impressionists track again. I've been thinking about that whole group again and wound up going back to the old autochromes when I looked at a link that brought a view to my blog here in the first place. Before I forget, Happy 100th Birthday on the marketing of Autochromes!

That link in itself was interesting as it is part of a group of traditional photographers group called Analog Photography Users Group or Apug. I cruised through them and saw some really interesting stuff. This group is dedicated to all things silver which they call "analog". A few of them are finding ways to make those autochrome films for use now but haven't been able to find the right combo of ingredients. Sigh.....

Anyway what struck me odd is that so much of the autochromes that exist belong to the French Army archives...they used it to document WWI so they have been well prepreserved. The images I found link hopping are interesting, very different images of war, romanticized by the look of the autochrome film. Click Ministry or WWI Color to see the archives.

So here I am looking at my HDR stuff from the weekend and the light went off once again. I loved the look of autochromes, color shifts withstanding, and always marveled how much they reminded me of the work of the pointillists of that period in the early 1900's. Always funny how art and technology wind out getting melded and influence each other. Using some HDR image made it possible to even keep shadow and highlights full of info for a more complete image. Anyway...down that road I went.

Enjoy "Santa Monica Pier" and "Alone in a Crowd" done in an impressionists style using modern tools to imitate a photographic process some 100 years old! Oh yeah, the pun...pointillists give you pieces of color, bombs blow it into pieces and artists usually rally for peace.

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