Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DESG* You're slacking off....

*DESG is the Duarte East Side Gang and that band of arists had been doing some really amazing work under the trestles of the pedestrian path between Duarte and the San Gabriel River Trail in Irwindale. Don't know what happened but all their art has been pretty much tagged over and erased into oblivion. Of course the constant over painting is nothing new which is why urban art in the wild is so transient. Those boys need to get busy and entertain me again.

Interesting, but a trend I've seen more in the inner portions of LA has appeared up here. That's stencil art and here it says "monkee love". Don't know what it means and not sure I'm curious enough to google it.

HDR works really well here in bringing in all the detail under the trestle and still not blow out to oblivian the highlights from the light sand in the burning sun. Shot with the trust EOS20d, Raw bracketed +/- 2 stops with the trusty 20-35mm wide angle, HDR and tonemapped in Photomatix then run through the Virtual Photographer in CS2.

Anyway...here you go urban art in the wild along the dried up San Gabriel River

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