Thursday, June 21, 2007

Adios for a bit pals. Its road trip time and doubtful that I will be able to do much blogging here or on as I will be RV'ing with my folks. I don't know what sort of connections I'll be able to get between here, South Dakota and Yellowstone. Its a lot of sparse country so posts will be rare if not totally nonexistant.
Been a very busy week here hence the lack of photos posted. Lisa and Rachel, my friends who happen to own the Paint n Play Gallery and Artist Studio have sold a few of my pieces so it was a mad crunch to get new put together (I do my own matting and framing is that insanity or what) new pieces and deliver them before I leave. Got it done, even got my luggage packed so all I need is some rest then toss it all into the car for the drive to Las Vegas to catch up with my folks.
You all have a great July 4th Holiday. Stay safe, have fun and will post more when I get back after July 9th. Whew...I need this break from the daily grind!

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Will Campbell said...

Safe travels! Say hello to the Beartooth Highway if you happen to be rolling over that awesome road.