Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy HDR of course

If the trusty counter is correct I've blither blathered here for the 100th time with this post. As it grows it makes sense I use one of my newer explorations, HDR to celebrate.

No news that I am more than a little enamored and curious about HDR as a tool to help a photographer. Whether it be realistic images or so far off into the surreal and impressionistic there is a lot it can do.

This morning I spent quite a bit of time working on some seascapes I shot in HDR while at Santa Monica Pier yesterday. I am frustrated as when there are super bright hot spots from the sun bouncing off the water at low angles the program wants to black it out with a darker portion form another frame. I suspect since the ocean is moving and the 3 frames are just microseconds apart this movement is tossing off the program in extreme contrast areas. How to work with it is my next task. Right now it looks like a lot of flotsam in the bay, and though Santa Monica Bay isn't the cleanest body of water out there, it certainly is better than my pics so far showed. I suspect that this will be an area where the surreal advantages outweigh the real. We shall see.

The ghosting part as objects move around in the frame during the sequence is fun. Adds to the tension and illusion of energy when there is ghosted movement. HDR is funny as it ghosts fainter in the direction of travel so it starts to look like a predictor of movement rather than the usual showing where its gone. Fun to work with. HDR of the roller coaster. Enjoy and now its back to work here....

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