Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fried and Frazzled

Today was the first of the Monrovia Art Walks for the summer, much better traffic than last year in spite of the fact it was 105 when we set up at 5PM.

These are interesting affairs. The first one is the toughest, people aren't sure what to expect and don't bring their check books. Those that do, well even an Art Event vs art&crap there is a price point where impulse buying ends. Its $50...which at an event dedicated to the fine arts there isn't much for impulse buying. Fortunately the later Art Walks all of the artists do better as the word is out this not a "street fair" but more of a gallery with the artists out on the street. Check books flush with deposits are all over the place at the later events.

Its fun though working the crowd. More fun to watch them stop in their tracks when something grabs their eyes.

For me its my "watercolor" photographs that stop them the most. The most popular by far is "Desert Sunrise" and "Morning Glory". Displaying on a sidewalk is tough but I manage to stop a few in their tracks so it isn't that bad.

Big news is that I am the "artist of the month" with the Electronic Cottage Gallery. What that means is your guess is as good as mine in terms of sales (let's face it I need to make a buck along the way). I've been a member of the "Juried Online Art Festival" for a while and they made the referral. Any publicity or extra links and hits have to be good.

Well folks its been a very long hot day. Aside from the Art Walk, I installed at the "Art at the Aztec" gallery for the Monrovia Arts Festival Association in the morning and packed up to install at the Whittier Gallery on Monday.

The pic of my set up, is well bad but in that funky artsy kinda way. I started blogging with this teeny weeny tiny digital camera called the "Che-ez Snap" about a year and a half ago. Its the new century Diana camera for the fine art types. Its got horrible sharpness, contrast, color and color balance, but its got its charm....

Enjoy, have a great remainder of the weekend.

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