Monday, July 24, 2006

Relaxed and Chilled

Good way to sum up the morning. Got back from a week in the Leadville, CO area for my folks 50th. Interesting old mining town way up in the middle of the Rockies. Incredible scenery, great old mines and trails all over the place to explore. No, not ready to leave LA as that place has winter...There was snow even on the peaks around us and the wild flowers were only now starting to bloom. Not ready to back it in and play Rocky Mountain High in the background either.

The shooting was incredible. I explored all sorts of things, went up dirt roads with the car that I probably should have had a 4X4 to get into them better. Leadville has some 600 abandoned mines and those provide some pretty stark contrasts between man and nature, a theme I continue to explore. I now have some 1500 images to sort through and somehow get cataloged and printed for the Art Walk this Saturday on Myrtle Avenue here in Monrovia.

A teaser of one image I downloaded and worked on last night - "Abandoned Mine Shack"