Thursday, July 13, 2006

Busy - sums up the week so far.

Its one of those weeks where the coffee jitters only speed up the brain into overdrive and you need it as there is so much going on. Between remodel going awry (your general really is only as good as his subs...and these knuckleheads need constant supervision) and trying to pack for vacation my dance card is way too full.

I've really been exploring the impressionistic side whenever I get the chance. I have been combining it with my exploration of shadow and shape mostly.

Earlier this week I went for a hike along the river at sunset. Knowing the long shadows and glowing red light at the end of the day was the start of a good recipe for warm and fuzzy photographs. Toss in the full moon and I have more to work with. I've now added a 3rd program to the mix for working images before I put them on the wet watercolor paper. Virtual Photographer is an interesting plug-in as it emulates the nature of traditional film, papers and films.

Anyway a couple of images that I am happy with are"Azusa Canyon Moonrise" and "San Gabriel River Moonrise"...