Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pair of English Roses

Nature has a way of giving us little gifts when we least expect it.  This bouquet was a gift from nature, two rose canes, different roses intertwined and opened almost at the same time giving me this little present next to where I park my car.

The image was shot in open shade, IE in the shade with a bright blue sky above which shifted colors.  In the old days you'd have to compensate by adding more "yellow" to your print, but with the magic of PC and great RAW processors you can just use a pull down menu to compensate.  I'm liking this whole automation thing.

The final image was post processed in the Orton style as I love the romantic impressionistic image you get at the end.  I post processed all with CS2 and Virtual Photographer.

Enjoy, "Pair of Roses".

1 comment:

Heather Shaw said...

I miss my garden!!!!
Okay, I love the pic from the observatory. I will have to show you mine when I get all my stuff out of storage.