Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Its not the size of the tool...its how its used

Just like the bad old saying goes, its how you use the tool.  In this case the only camera I had handy was the trusty cell phone and I used it to grab a quick pic of Monrovia High School when I was by earlier today.    The play of shadow and highlights is what caught my eye the way it all framed the old Bell Tower at MHS.  I had to take the pic.

Of course the images are just passable but post processing in the orton style and using virtual photographer to clean up the color and contrast and voila I have an image I like.  Hope you do too.


Heather Shaw said...

I am so grateful to you for capturing this view prior to the trailer litter that hit the front lawn of MHS these past couple weeks. You rock!

frazgo said...

I don't know about rockin'...the trailers were there I just artfully framed around them.